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1. Social Media Team:
Work with Scheduling person to create events
Up dating Hip Hope Facebook
Update twitter,
Making and posting videos. 
Promote  performances
Promote class registration for next session
Promote T-shirts
Work at Merchandise Table at events

2. Video Crew:
Take classes at SCC (funding is available to pay for your class)
Get good footage of dancing in practice
Set up to Film performances
Be camera crew at Video shoot
Think of exciting interview questions
interview each other and team members about what Hip Hope is doing,
interview pastor Jacob and Coach Sara
interview other adults that support Hip Hope
Do a commercial for Hip Hope
Do a Commercial for Hip Hope Merchandise

3. Assistant Coach. 
On time
Learns choreography well
Is Confident and skilled choreography and free style
Follows directions of head coach
Show interest in career of dance at least part time
Has confidence in Hip Hope in their ability to dance
Know how to encourage and focus others on crew goals
Makes time to talk to coach about reflection: challenges and solutions
Make sure crew is doing their jobs and if they need help/motivation
Call Crew during the week to check in
Subs for teacher

4. Driving: Schivon
Can map out locations of all crew members
Decide with other driver who will pick up and drop off and how long it will take
Get plans approved by coach
Talking with crew member and a parents if necessary about rides
Be willing to give out your cell for ride communication purposes
Picking up crew members (gas cards available if necessary)

5. Scheduling Shows and events. 
Book Shows and events
Call Local shows and get us involved.
Call local venues
Updates google Calendar
Updates website
Be available to answer questions about scheduling (give out your number for scheduling purposes only)
Send out Text reminders of Events with the Crew

6. Fashion and Merchandise:
Take T-shirt machine and learn how it works
Help Crew coordinate outfits
Finds good design ideas, (look at popular trends-piggy back)
Gets Ideas approved by coach (explain why the design will be successful
Make Hip Hope T-shirts
Work with Media crew to promote Hip Hope T-shirts and merchandise
Find whole sale merchandise and order
Get orders approved by head coach

7. Choreography:
As Assigned in class,
First 3 weeks: pick song and work on choreo with your group
Last 2weeks: Teach the rest of the group
Last week film choreography in the studio

Hip Hope Volunteer Recruitment Person:
Tell about  the goods and the bads of Hip Hope
How to sign up
How to get involved

Electronics and music:
Carry sound equipment
Plug in a prepare sound equipment for practice and performance

8. Grant Writing:
Know surrounding funders  we a re eligible for
Go to trainings on funding
Write grant (give your self 2-3 mo)

Legal Advice:
Know contracts surrounding dance, youth classes ect
Type up contracts
Educate and present acquired information

9. Rapper Promo Deal Organizer:
Get storyboard from Rapper
Schedule times to film music videos
Communicate director’s ideas to rapper.
Stick to director’s final storyboard
Negotiate pay between rapper and director

10. prayer support 

Know scripture to encourage others during practice and especially performances

Pray for each individual and leadership involved in Hip Hope

11) Accounting: Bruce

Volunteer Positions*

Send resume and a letter of interest to Sara Kelly at or send an inquiry below.  Our team will get back to you will a position description and to work out the what, when, where and how.  Thanks! 

*Qualified Aplicants will be considered for employment when funding is available!

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