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Meet the Hip Hope Choreographers

Veronica Dubois

Veronica has graduated with a degree in dance from Gustavus and has performances at Multiple locations such as Patricks Cabarette.   


Sara Kelly

Sara Kelly has been a back up dancer for Minneapolis rapper Agape, and performed dance with Hype Dance Company and New Heist Crew (Timber wolves Hip Hop Crew), Sanctuary Covenant Church. She has danced in rapper’s music videos such as Enodxos and Yotman.  She enjoys all types of dance but is very involved with the local hip hop scene had has participated in local dance battles. She teaches different types of Hip Hop dance.  From the old school of Break dance, Tutting, Popping, Locking and Gliding, to the new Hip Hop dances such as Jerking. She began teaching dance at the YMCA in 2009.  Now she has taught dance all over the twin cities, and various school, churches, rec centers and studios.  She has also directed over 30 dance performances, including shows at theaters in El Rio, Capri and  Dayton’s Bluff, Highland Park High school, and Patrick’s Cabaret. To expand her dance vocabulary she has practiced with the University of Minnesota gymnastics club. She also has taught tumbling basics since 2010. Hip hop may have a bad rap but she is breaking that mold by always choosing positive music and conducts her work as a professional.  Sara Kelly is also the CEO of Hip Hope.

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