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  She has been designing Hip Hop youth programs for the past 9 years.  She’s passionate about giving others the same opportunities that ground her.  She danced with Hype Dance Company, Final Vision dance crew and dances natioanlly 

in breaking battles and performances.  She has directed music videos for Mohogany Jone, Dante Pirtle, Endoxos and Trynese Jones and has Done Choreography for Agape, Kirssy, Trynese Jones, and G.U.Y (TJ Valtierra). She has legally graffitied various walls and canvases nationally from the Mini apple to the Big Apple including the 40 x 60 ft Cedar Riverside Mural, the YMCA Skate Park and Urban Jerusalem’s canvas installation.  She directs a  

dance ministry, which has a seasonal showcase.  She has 

conducted over 200 performances and events on

 various stages across the Twin cities, presenting

dance, rap, graffiti, DJ-ing, music video and clothing

design.  (See Hip Hope Dayz Filers Above)



Hip Hope Dayz Season 3
Hip Hope Dayz Season 4
Hip Hope Dayz Season 1
Hip Hope Dayz Season 2
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