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​Thank you for everything.  Your enthusiasm and gift to our students was awesome.  The end product has been good especially to our new referrals of students wanting a place to belong.  Thanks for everything and Good Luck!


 Music Therapist at River Trails



Dearest Sara,
Thank you for your loving guidance in teaching our daughter dance through HipHope!  She recites the 'stretch-utation' cheer and her confidence has soared under your sweet-n-gentle guidance.  Jesus' love exudes from your every pore and is so contagious!  Both sets of grandparents came to watch our daughter's Hip Hope Recital last April. While Alzheimers has slowly taken my mom's vibrant personality bit by bit, just watching her smile and laugh so joyfully during the performance was such a rare and unexpected gift to my ears.  Her laughs are clearly audible on the video, and its sound continues to bring happy tears to my eyes.  God is so good, and we praise Him for YOU and this amazing ministry.  

-Jacki H. 

Calvary Hip Hope Parent


Jackis's Video:









we killed* that picture. When Im with you I know just what to do… I miss those days of drawing and coming up with Ideas.  We should draw one day again someday.  I miss you Sara.


-Breonna W. 

Long time Hip Hope Student, Norht Minneapolis

*killed is slang for "did a swell job"







Hey Sara,

Thanks for the feed back.  As far as what you've done for our program, it is undefinable.  Our kids constantly ask "when is Miss Sara coming back?" "Is she [you] coming back today/next week?"  Its obvious that you've left a lasting impression in these young ones hearts.  A wise man told me that, "teacher's live forever in the hearts that they touch." I think you epitomize this because of your work.  it's [your work] not something that really anyone is use to.  Therefore, you're constantly trying to bring it to peoples attention when they might not even know what you are talking about especially with our generation.  So with the drive that you show and the cause behind what you do it is really special to see the impact that you have made on our students.  I really appreciate what you've done for us and to be honest, it has been quite hectic without you... here.  But I have finalized the contract... and I can't wait to have you back.

-Jontae K.

School Success Program Director



Sara Kelly is a gifted dancer and communicator with a big heart for Jesus. She uses Christian rap and hip-hop dance to connect with kids in a unique way. This summer we brought Sara in to our Vacation Bible School to teach hip-hop. It was a huge hit! I'm excited about this unique way to reach kids with the message of Jesus' love and to show them that they can worship Him in many diverse ways! 

-Christy B.

Director of Children's Ministry, Calvary Church, 



Hi, my name is Don'Nikka 

 i am in HIP HOPE class. In this class you learn business and you learn how to make mix tapes and much more. In this class you learn how to have confidence in yourself and others. Another thing you learn in this class is Break Dancing. It's really fun. I love this class. One thing I found out is that I CAN break dance. and i can do any thing I want if I try.  If you want to try this class you should sign up for it. You will learn new things.

-Don'Nikka P.

Hip Hope Student, St Paul 


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